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  • Percent of children screened for hearing loss:
  • Incidence of permanent hearing loss among newborns:

Current Status of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention for Children (500 word limit)

Please provide a short description (500 word limit) about the status of hearing screening, diagnosis and intervention for infants and young children in your country. The description should include information about:

  • How health care is delivered in general, the number of babies born each year, percentage of babies born in hospitals, and other relevant information.
  • The equipment and procedures for doing hearing screening with infants and young children, who does the screening, where it is done, etc., including if different parts of the country use different approaches.
  • Any legal mandates or regulations about hearing screening and diagnosis.
  • An Estimate of the percentage of total births that are screened for hearing loss, including the year to which the estimate applies.
  • The biggest challenges or barriers that interfere with succesfull newborn hearing screening and diagnosis.


  • Population:
  • Number of Annual Births:
  • Birth rate:
  • Percent of GDP spent on health care:
  • Percent of Health Care expenditures spent by government:
  • Physician density:
  • Percent of newborns attended by skilled providers:
  • Infant Mortality:
  • Literacy (age 15 and over can read and write):

Publications about EHDI Programs in Zambia (maximum of 5)

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